Students are essentially evaluated as: below expectations, meets expectations, exceeds expectations. They are expected to begin with very basic units of information, and be able to build on that foundation from other sources to eventually be able to apply the information gained in a practical and useful way.


(1 point)

(2 points)
(3 points)
Observation Some attempt at observation, but a number of errors. Accurate observation of fundamental elements. Accurate observation of fundamental elements, plus extra observations.  
Classification based on observations
Statement of classification, but little or no explanation.
Statement of classification, with adequate explanation.
Statement of classification with in-depth explanation.
Infer unseen facts from the classification
Some unseen facts sucessfully discovered, but others don't follow logically from classification.
Most of the required unseen facts are sucessfully discovered from the classification.
All required facts are discovered from the classification.
Explain the basis for the uncovered facts.
Minimal explanation.
Sufficient explanation to account for uncovered facts.
Full and rich explanation of uncovered facts.
Understand the relationship between an animal and its environment.
Basic understanding, but some gaps.
Demonstrates good level of understanding.
Demonstrates exceptional understanding
Awareness of the basic physical needs of an animal.
Aware of some needs, but missed others.
Satisfactorily understands the basic physical needs.
Shows an in-depth understanding of the needs of an animal.
Ability to understand a large amount of information.
Grasps a portion of the information, but some uncertainty remains.
Understands the bulk of the information.
Fully understands the information.
Ability to apply information in a practical way.
Shows some understanding of how the information can be used.
Can apply the information to cover the basic practical requirements.
Demonstrates a level of creativity in applying the information in a practical way.
Demonstrate an ability to care for an animal.
Minimally acceptable level of care.
Meets all expectations of care.
Meets all expectations of care, and exceeds some or all expectations.