This WebQuest teaches the differences between different types of animals and how basic observation of an animal can give clues to what type it is.

It also teaches critical thinking by allowing the students to evaluate different aspects of a problem in relation to a set of criteria, and to then extrapolate further unobserved informaton based on observed information. For example, knowing a hamster is a mammal will allow them to make a number of assumptions about what baby hamsters look like and what they need without actually having to see baby hamsters.

Finally, the students will be asked to put the information they've acquired to practical use by going "shopping" for the best available hamster accessories based on what they know the hamster's needs to be.

Although not an explicit part of the WebQuest, there are components of it that touch on information related to reproduction, geography, environmental issues, finances, etc. Indirectly the students will also be exposed to a wide variety of different animal types that are not the specific target of this WebQuest.

Hopefully, the students will also develop an appreciation of the complexity and amazing variety of animals in the world, and will enjoy exploring the world of hamsters and their care.