A.     Another name for the Golden hamster is:

q     Siberian

q     Chinese

q     Syrian

q     Djungurian


E.      How many common hamsters species:

q     1

q     5

q     10

q     20

B.     A long-haired hamster is called a:

q     Furball

q     Teddybear

q     Panda

q     Nuisance


F.      Hamsters are most active:

q     Summer

q     Winter

q     Night

q     Day

C.     Which country are hamsters from:

q     China

q     Russia

q     Korea

q     Syria


G.     Hamsters prefer to live:

q     In groups

q     Alone

q     Near water

q     Quietly

D.     Hamsters sleep in:

q     Condos

q     Burrows

q     Caves

q     Trees

H.     Wild hamsters live in:

q     Lakes

q     Swamps

q     Mountains

q     Deserts

You can use these websites to find information on hamsters:


Hamster Land

Pet Web Site

Hamster Care



I.        Hamsters eat:

q     Only seeds

q     Only bugs

q     Seeds and bugs

q     Chocolate


L.      How long do hamsters live:

q     6 months

q     1 years

q     2-3 years

q     5-6 years

J.       Hamsters are this long:

q     6-7 inches (15-17 cm)

q     1 foot (30 cm)

q     2-3 inches (5-7 cm)

q     less than 1 inch (2.5 cm)


M.   Hamsters carry food in:

q     Cheek pouches

q     Plastic bags

q     Their feet

q     Their ears

K.    How often do hamsters need water:

q     Once a week

q     All the time

q     Every 2 days

q     Never

N.    Hamsters need to be brushed:

q     Every day

q     Never

q     Occasionally

q     Only if they have long hair